Regina Mills + outfits parallels (3/?)
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#i want a fic where Emma sees Regina in her EQ clothes#not because its hot or turns her on (though I’m sure it would)#but because I want to see Emma take it all off#I want Regina to let her#not a strip tease but a squire helping their knight remove their amor#I want Emma gentle and reverent#and Regina almost trembling#beause no one ever looked at her with *care* when she worse these clothes#they weren’t supposed to. her outfits were her chainmale and plate#they were her shield and visor that no one could see through that nothing could penetrate#these clothes were an identity#she WAS the Evil Queen#but Emma has never seen her that way and even now with her blood red lips#and coal black eyes and an outfit that is designed down to the last stitch and jewel#to turn her into a *thing* - both desireable and completely unnattainable - Emma just sees her#just sees Regina#i want *that*

#that said  #if we’re also being true to the characters the process be less enya playing in the background  #and emma and regina dramatically profess their true love for each other  #and more  #’fuck. shit. damn it. where does this tie—how do you…? how the hell am i supposed to get this thing off?’  #’are you duct taped inside of this thing. fuck!’  #’emma stop pulling you’re making it tighter’  -  i’m fucking crying elsodex's tags are so accurate


take no shit 2014

Anonymous said:  how would a boycott help? There are not enough sq fans to make a difference rating wise and some people myself included still enjoy other parts of the show. I don't want to stop watching the show just because sq isn't going to happen. I still ship it, but it's becoming a bit too political. Is is a bad thing to just enjoy sq and still enjoy the show? why do these have to be exclusive?


boycotts serve two purposes.

the first is literal economic damage to the thing you are boycotting. ordinarily, i’d say that any online fanbase isn’t going to make enough of a dent in the ratings to make a difference. but OUAT is already so precarious that we just might. their numbers are plummeting, and they got renewed quite late. our fraction of a point could do it. 

the second is reputational harm. that’s where a boycott could hit OUAT, and ABC, much harder. if they were to become known as the no homo, misogynist, racist, queerbaiting, rape culture show/network? that would have cascade effects. 

because of how television makes money (ad dollars based on ratings), you don’t actually have to stop watching the show—just stop watching it in ways they can measure. if you get it over the air broadcast and don’t have a Nielsen box, you’re in the clear. if you get it via cable or legal streaming, you would have to wait until after the “airdate +3” window they use to measure. and don’t mention them on Twitter or Facebook either. think of it as a strike withholding your ad-watching and promotional labor. 

however, it is very important to clarify: almost no one is proposing that people “stop watching the show just because sq isn’t going to happen.” they’re proposing the boycott:

  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with talking a big game on modern fairytales and then not delivering
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with saying that happy endings are only for straight (almost entirely) white people
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with presenting stalking and not taking “no” for an answer as romantic
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with the incredible levels of misogyny and violence against women this show routinizes
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with having all characters of color be minor and fleeting or villainous
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with having lied to us, by omission and commission, for years, to avoid exactly this backlash
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with giving us the same old shit in a new package. 

(look, y’all, a stab at a manifesto)

whether you want to continue watching the show and enjoying it is ultimately a personal decision. while i know how important canon SQ would be in the grand scheme of things, personally that’s not anything i am mad about. the other shit? that’s worth burning this thing to the ground. 

this is an important post. manifestooooooo.


Only Regina Mills would be digging with a skirt.

this gif is porn and needs to be here


Only Regina Mills would be digging with a skirt.

this gif is porn and needs to be here

oh my god, this needs to be made into a Regina Mills gif set

i really love thus bc its exactly what would really happen if the original Evil Queen & original Peter Pan were put together.

#writing supplies
Oy …I’m double fisting chocolate,  this is getting out of control. Is chocolate tax deductible?

#writing supplies
Oy …I’m double fisting chocolate, this is getting out of control. Is chocolate tax deductible?

Anonymous said:  So let me get this right, Lana wears extra small and Jen wears small in sweater sizes. Are they Hobbits or something, they can't be that tiny irl right lol.


THEY ARE! Tiny sweet women ♥


In my experience actors are almost ALWAYS like half the size u would expect them to be in real life.

We’re very used to seeing them as giant talking heads.

Its one of the things abt unrealistic celebrities standards, kindof like how we’ve been trained to see munchin sized manikins in the store windows as aesthetically people-sized when they are really pigmees.

98% of the actors ive run into irl i didnt fully recognize until like a week later specifically bc of this (not ALL of them, but its the thing i think that is actually jarring— size, not 3 dimensionality, and i also think it has to do with our lofty idealization of ppl in media — when a kid draws a picture of a person who matters they make their heads, esp their OWN, unnaturally big bc of perceptio (of importance) . Its why cartoons ‘work’ & look the way they do—we project our ego into every one on the screen, & also why fresh artists have a tendency to always make their heads too big).

Seriously i was secretly staring at Mark Ruffalo for a good couple of hours at a bonfire in the woods trying to fig out if i actually knew him from somewhere & it actually took seeing his face in a random movie & IMDBing it like 2 months later for me to figure it out. And he is the freaking HULK.

Ppl in LA are probably used to this but I think its an important thing to keep in mind when talking abt real ppl (vs characters they play) to ground yourself in reality.

swan meme → [3/8] quotes ;

this should be funny, but it tears at my heart — Emma WHYY

the way belle just runs into tink’s arms (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

um, okay like how have i not noticed that before and what the hell is actually going on here.

Okay the esoteric cosmological secrets of the universe im cool with & everything—I wanna know how old ppl have the willpower to legit make their bed everyday.

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cant tell if guy or girl, dont care, so happy.

cant tell if guy or girl, dont care, so happy.